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A little fun with production history, music and gopro video shot from the mighty Roadmaster Wagon before it left.......


This is a video showing the Paint Line at the GM Truck Plant in Fort Wayne, IN. Shot in 2019. 


This Video I produced for Lincoln Financial Group and The National Forensic League, in support of speech and debate programs in High School and beyond. Interesting show, shot in 1999, principal photography on 16mm film, B roll was shot on 8mm giving it a nice texture. Produced/Directed/Shot 8mm and got to sit across from Jane Pauley and hear her story, really cool. Tony Hettinger did great work shooting and editing, it all came together very well.

With Retirement Home TV, we produced an overview film for the company. This allows web visitors to get a feel for their company and the service they provide. we produced this video for their website, and other distribution channels, shooting at their facility. 

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